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Take the real immersive plunge into the microverse with our VR180 DEMO VIDEO


- Below, please see a 2D pannable preview -

- If you have a VR headset, it is STRONGLY recommended to view in true 3D VR -

(instructions below)

VR Demo v1.3
Play Video
Use cursor to pan video. Fullscreen and high quality sound recommended.
Use the settings icon to choose 4320s/8k resolution for maximum quality.


Download video file to watch in proper immersive VR:

VR Instructions

LUX DIVINUM VR DEMO REEL - Guidelines for playing from VR180 VIDEO FILE

Depending on what type of headset you have, there are a variety of options for VR video file playback. If you have a preference, use the player of your choice.

The best result we have obtained is playing the files locally on a Quest2, which is our suggested route if you have one handy. Below, please find instructions for how to load and play the video file on a Windows PC (this may work on Mac too but we have not verified it):

- Download the VR180 video file to your PC from HERE. Don't watch it in Dropbox, hit Download.

- Attach the Quest2 to your PC via USB-C cable
- Stick the Quest on your head and grab a controller. You will see a dialog box asking if you want to let the PC access data on the Quest. Say YES. The Quest2 may also bother you about your Guardian and ask about connecting using Oculus Link. Don't do any of that yet. This method of watching VR video does NOT require Link, it runs on the headset.
- You should now see the Quest as a drive on your PC. Open it up and you'll see subfolders. Copy the video file you have downloaded into the Movies folder. 
- Disconnect the USB-C entirely.
- Finish Guardian setup if required (stationary is fine for the video material), and turn up the sound volume using the Quest2's frontal rocker switch.
- On the Quest's internal main menu, find the TV app amongst the main Apps. Once you are in TV, you will see "Your Media" somewhere in the interface (it keeps changing but you'll find it). You will now have access to the file.
- Unfortunately, the TV app currently ignores embedded metadata, so you have to manually set the correct formatting of the video. The default presentation will be that it shows the image, small, sitting ahead of you. By pulling the trigger you should be able to access a control (currently on the bottom right) which allows you to switch the display of the current video from 2D to 3D 180 (VR180 format).

Enjoy! Seated or standing position is fine. If you are extremely sensitive, stick with seated so you don't feel off balance from any (gentle, don't worry) rendered camera motion.

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